P1500 Series

 P1500 Series 
Displacement cc/rev: 6 - 47.6
Gear Widths: 1/4" - 2"
Max PSI / BAR: 2000 / 138
RPM: 400 - 2000

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The P1500 series is a small displacement, roller bearing gear pump from Permco.

Free Technical Downloads

PDF_LogoPermco 1500 Data Sheet

PDF_LogoPermco 1500 Codebook


+ Product Overview

The Permco P1500 is a small frame sized, hydraulic roller bearing gear pump.

The 1500 series allows the option for a smaller displacement in a roller bearing unit.

A high pressure shaft bushing is also available if required.

The P1500 series gear pump is built from cast iron ensuring a strong and long lasting product, which can stand the most robust applications. Single & multiple units are available as per your requirements.

The pressure loaded wear plates of the pump, provides you with a high efficient product.

wide range of configurable mounting, shaft and porting options are available to suit your unique requirements. 

Compatible with Mineral Oil, Water Glycol, Invert Emulsion & Fire Resistant fluids.

Spare parts available from stock, such as seal kits, flanges, shafts and individual pump sections enabling a fast turnaround for you if required.

+ Our Service to you

We machine, build from stock and test the P1500 gear pump on site, to ensure the highest quality and a workable product is delivered to you. The P1500 gear pump also comes with a 12 month warranty.

We aim to always supply the best competitive price for this product. Your welcome to provide us with a guide price to see if we can price match it.

In the event your product breaks down in the first 12 months, please contact sales on: [email protected] or +44(0) 113 236 1367 so we can discuss the best option for you.

In the event of an emergency or you have a machine breakdown; we can supply this product to you with a 24 / 48 turnaround.

+ Common Applications

Customers of ours have used this gear pump in applications such as:

  • Turbines
  • Marine Applications

But can be applied to a wide range of mobile machinery within a variety of industries.

+ ATEX Information

The P1500 can be supplied as an ATEX gear pump if required. ATEX Group I & II certification is required, if the product will be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEX gear pumps are ideally suited for applications in the mining, oil & gas industry.


+ Mounting, Drive Shaft, Porting Options


+ Product Coding Examples


+ Pump Performance


+ Recommended Operating Conditions

• Fluid viscosity, normal operating conditions 9 – 220 cst.
• Fluid temperature should not exceed 82 deg C for mineral oil 
or 57 deg. C for water glycol.
• Fluid cleanliness, 10 micron filter with Beta 200 rating is 
• Inlet pressure; for best operation with mineral oil, pressure 
should not exceed minus 0.237 BAR (7 in HG) or with water 
glycol, minus 0.101 BAR (3 in HG)

+ Weights & Dimensions