M124 / 424 Series

 M124 / 424 Series 
Displacement cc/rev: 10 -40
Gear Widths: 1/2" - 2
Max PSI / BAR: 4500 / 310
RPM: 600 - 3000

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The M124 / 424 series is a small displacement, high pressure bushing gear motor from Permco.

Free Technical Downloads

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+ Product Overview

The Permco M124 is a small frame sized hydraulic bushing gear motor with high pressure capabilities. The 424 series has the same characteristics as the 124 series, except is capable of even higher pressures.

The gear motor is built from cast iron ensuring a strong and long lasting product, which can stand the most robust applications. Single & multiple units are available as per your requirements.

The pressure loaded wear plates of the motor, provides you with a high efficient product.

wide range of configurable mounting, shaft and porting options are available to suit your unique requirements.

Compatible with Mineral Oil, Water Glycol, Invert Emulsion & Fire Resistant fluids.

Spare parts available from stock, such as seal kits, flanges, shafts and individual motor sections enabling a fast turnaround for you if required.

+ Our Service to you

We machine, build from stock and test the M124 / 424 gear motor on site, to ensure the highest quality and a workable product is delivered to you. The M124/424 gear motor also comes with a 12 month warranty.

In the event your product breaks down in the first 12 months, please CONTACT US so we can discuss your warranty rights with you.

In the event of an emergency or you have a machine breakdown; we can supply this product to you with a 24 / 48 turnaround.

+ Common Applications

Customers of ours have used this product in applications such as:

  • Dump trucks
  • Forklifts

But can be applied to a wide range of mobile machinery within a variety of industries.

+ ATEX Information

The M124 / 424 can be supplied as an ATEX gear motor if required. ATEX Group I & II approval is required, if the product will be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEX gear motors are ideally suited for applications in the mining, oil & gas industry.


+ Mounting, Drive Shaft, Porting Options

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+ Product Coding Example

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+ Motor Performance

M124 Motor Performance

+ Recommended Operating Conditions

• Fluid viscosity, normal operating conditions 9 – 220 cst.

• Fluid temperature should not exceed 82 deg C for mineral oil or 57 deg. C for water glycol.

• Fluid cleanliness, 10 micron filter with Beta 200 rating is recommended.

• Inlet pressure; for best operation with mineral oil, pressure should not exceed minus 0.237 BAR (7 in HG) or with water glycol, minus 0.101 BAR (3 in HG)

+ Weights & Dimensions

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