VA20 Series

 VA20 Series 

Parker / Commercial VA20 mobile valve

Max PSI / BAR: 2500 / 172
L / MIN / GPM: 151 / 40

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The VA20 control valve is a versatile product, built from our stock, to suit your unique requirements and stand the test of time. Can be supplied to you internationally if required with a fast turnaround.

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+ VA20 Valve Product Overview

The VA20 valves are a contemporary version of Parker’s  A20 unit. The valves are cast from gray iron to provide you a strong / long lasting product which is rated at 2500 PSI.

To ensure a high quality and cost effective product for you, the VA20 valve is produced under Commercial’s Statistical Process Control programme, where all the manufacturing processes are constantly monitored.

A large range of spare parts, components and full valve assemblies are available from our ex-stock , creating a quick turnaround for you.

The VA20 valve is suited to the most demanding applications and our customers have used this valve in applications such as concrete mixers. Also suited to a wide range of industries.

+ Product Features

You get more efficient control of fluid power distribution with Parker / Commercial valves because of these important features:

  • Built in, full flow relief valves
  • Parallel and series circuits in one bank
  • Manual, hydraulic, electric or pneumatic operation
  • Sectional construction for maximum flexibility
  • Spool changeover capability for right or left hand valve assemblies – Versatile
  • Low spool effort – improved metering
  • Thousands of working section combinations to suit your unique requirements

+ How to Code the VA20 Valve

Step 1. Determine the system pressure and required flow through the valve and select the appropriate valve model.

Step 2. Determine the number and order of sections required.

Step 3. Specify the requirements for each of the sections – and select the appropriate codes for those requirements. (Please see below the coding for each section of the VA20 valve)

Step 4. Assemble the code, specifying the model and then each section starting with the inlet and continue to the outlet.


+ VA20 Inlet Section Codes


+ VA20 Lo-Boy Section Codes


+ VA20 Mid-Inlet Section Codes


+ VA20 Hi-Boy Section Codes


+ VA20 Outlet Section Codes